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Jiangsu Software Park - Techy Pavilion Initiative

Brief Introduction to the Software Park Area

Approved by the Jiangsu Government, Jiangsu Software Park was established in December 2000. It was named the National Software Industrial Base by the National Reform & Development Committee and IT Department in July 2001. In November 2005, it was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the as the software industrial base of the National Torch Plan.

Since establishment, Jiangsu Software Park has devoted itself to creating a first class software park with advanced concepts, comprehensive functions, top services and a beautiful environment. With methodical planning and proper layout, the Park was built on a "One Park Two Bases" development structure, i.e. "City Park + Xuzhuang Incubator Development Base + Jishan Industrial Base".

Xuzhuang Incubator Development Base is located on the east side of Zijin Mountain, surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh air. It covers an area of 172, 000 square meters and is divided into 3 major zones: the International Development Zone, the Independent Development Zone, and the Public Supporting Services Zone. It is positioned as a first class incubator base for middle and small software enterprises, an experimental base for technical result transformation, and a development center and headquarter for renowned enterprises both home and abroad. A total construction area of 136,000 square meters has been completed.

Jishan Mountain Industrial and Export Base is located south side of Jishan Mountain, Jiangning District, right between Nanjing Municipal Hi-tech Industrial Zone and Bullhead Forest Park ecological corridor. With the 6000 m² area of the first planning phase, it is positioned as an industrial base for large and medium-sized software enterprises and also as a software export base. The base has now established a Creative Center of 68,000 m² and a Business Park of 53,000 m², which have greatly expanded the development space.

In order to promote the development of software industry in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Software Park has built a first class service system:

1. First-class technical service & support system

Jiangsu Software Park has cooperated with Jiangsu Software Product Test Center and the Circuit Public Service Platform of the Ministry of Information Technology to establish the Jiangsu Software Industry Public Service Platform. The platform integrates technical resources of each software park in Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou etc. and fully utilizes them to build a public service platform to provide specified and professional services for enterprises in the park. A specific internet channel(4*155M)is also opened for international communication, providing a superior basic communication environment for software and outsourcing enterprises.

2. Practical talent support services.

Various training centers in the Jiangsu Software Park have now been established, such as the Middle and High Level Management Training Center, Middle and High Level Software Engineer Training Center, Jiangsu Linux Public Technical Training Center, and Software Testing Training Center. The park has also established good relationships with many institutes and organizations. Through the parks relationships with 38 universities and colleges, the Linux Talent Practice Base was formed. The park has jointly established the Software Talent Practice Base with the Education Department of Jiangsu Province. The Southeast Software Institute and 10 other institutes also work with the Jiangsu Software Park to provide software testing courses. In cooperation wiith Jiangsu Runhe Technology, the park holds a class called Runhe International Software Engineer Training Class to foster versatile software outsourcing talents. The park has all-year round Linux engineer training courses targeting embedded outsourcing. Four Linux System Network Management classes are also available. With regards to international cooperation, the park has already signed cooperative contracts with three universities in the UK, providing authorized foundation courses domestically in China. Overall, Jiangsu Software Park has to date trained in various fields as many as 22,000 students for different industries.

3. A financial support system with unique features

Jiangsu Software Park has invited Jiangsu Credit Guarantee Ltd. to provides guarantee services for 16 companies, including Jiangsu Hoperun Information Technology, Nanjing DJT Software, Sino Device, Wangju Software, etc. In consideration of its own positioning and the requirements of enterprises in the park, Jiangsu Software Park together with Jiangsu International Trust Investment Ltd. and Nanjing Jinzhi Venture Capital Co. Ltd. has established a Venture Capital Fund of as much as RMB100 million, and has already invested in projects such as Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones Co. Ltd. and ZETA. Early research is also being done for projects like Nanjing Sino Device, Nanjing Weipu, ZDC and TongHuaXin Electronics, preparing case resources for the venture capital company. The successful operation of this financial service platform has practically solved funding problems and given support for the growth of a batch of enterprises.

After years of effort, Jiangsu Software Park has formed a modern software park with industry taking shape and facilities supplied. In recent years, the software park has entered a fast development stage. Jiangsu Software Park has become a useful hand for the provincial committee and the government to greatly develop the software industry, adjust the economic structure and transform patterns of growth. Jiangsu Software Park will continue to improve fundamental services, extend service areas, and refine service contents to construct a professional industrial service platform and create a software industrial chain to realize industrialization, digitalization and internationalization.

If you are interested in this initiative, please contact Charles Ting.

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