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LED Purchase Standard Initiative

Hong Kong doesn't lack of light emitting diode (LED) manufacturers, from the processing of raw materials to the final assembly and packaging of end products, the local LED manufacturers covers almost every part in the production chain of LED. Although the local LED scale of production and technology might still behind Japan or Taiwan, but we excels in product design and innovation, local LED manufacturer won many international innovation award.

But when it comes to environmental product certification, we are still heavily depends on standards set by foreign certification institutions. The standard established by institutions like Energy Star (Intergrate LED lamps) is surely convincing, nevertheless these foreign standards were established in concern of their country's LED market environment. For local LED manufacturers, these foreign certification process is not only costly, but also time consuming, some test can take up to 6,000 hours to complete, making it unfeasible for local LED SMEs to get these certifications, and the lack of an environmental certification, does in some extent, undermine the local's LED product competitiveness in the market.

We want to emphasize that local test laboratories, like the HKSTP Solid State Lighting Test Laboratory, does provide the necessary equipments and specialists to conduct the testing and analysis of most LED products in the market for environmental production certification. What the local LED manufacturers really lacks of, is a feasible and localized environmental certification standard, one that understand the local market environment and meet their needs.

  • several forums were hold for the local LED and Guangzhou region manufacturers to introduce innovative ideas and concepts in enhancing their production efficiency, senior researchers and specialists in the LED field from Taiwan and US were invited and co-host these forums;
  • educating local purchasers in the decision making process of purchasing LED products through seminars and test laboratory tours

If you are interested in this initiative, please contact Johnny Chong.