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Synxia Material Lab

As a professional manufacturer and worldwide distributor, we apply the latest theoretical framework, technology, and apparatus to achieve high quality luminescent phosphor at the industrial scale.

As a total-soloution provider, our solid foundation in empirical research facilitates us to undergo rapid, precise development and adjustment. We pride ourselves in the ability of our tailor-made lumenescence to incorporate the specific needs of our customers into the finished products and satisfy individual needs.

At the same time, we are familiar with phosphor patent application and licensing. We also strongly believe that our expertise will enable us to cater to your specific luminescence needs. Our line of products includes:

  • Ultra-bright white LED phosphor powder
  • Anti-counterfeiting phosphor powder
  • Long afterglow fluorescent phosphor

Synesthesia aspires to be the leader in the phosphor industry, creating an internationally renowned brand.

Contact us: info@starsf.org